After asking Why Did I Get Married?, writer/director/actor Tyler Perry already has Meet the Browns and A Jazz Man's Blues cooking. But now he's adding two more to the list, and The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Lionsgate has nabbed both of them. The first up is The Family That Preys Together. I'm digging the play on words. (If confused, please look up "prey" and "pray.") Unfortunately, THR is saying absolutely nothing about that this specific production is about, other than that it will be a typical Perry feature: "humor, uplift, and unlimited heart and soul." Bah. I just want to know the plot.

The other feature will be Madea Goes to Jail. Now, you might be confused since Perry already has a video title for that, but that's a video of the theatrical play -- this will be a feature film based on it. For this project, the title explains it all -- his famous character, Madea, heads to jail, and the film will deal with what happens after she does. As per usual, Perry wrote both features, will direct them, and will act in both, playing a "major role" in Prey, and starring, of course, in Madea. This has worked well for Perry in the past -- Married opened at number one last month. I'm just wondering when the guy will burn out. He's done a ton of work since his directorial debut in 2002, and doesn't seem to be slowing down at all.

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