Did you enjoy watching Vince Vaughn in a Christmas setting over the weekend? Well, don't forget, you'll have another chance to see him in a holiday film next year, as the actor is starring with Reese Witherspoon in Four Christmases, due in December 2008. Now, according to Variety, there's an excellent addition to the cast: Robert Duvall. Ah, nothing says obligatory Christmas comedy like Oscar winners slumming it. Well, at least Vaughn could learn a few tips from either Duvall or Witherspoon. More from Duvall, though. In addition to his win for Tender Mercies in 1984, Duvall has been nominated another five times (he's also won four Golden Globes out of six noms) and definitely should have received more noms (my pick: Falling Down). In turn, maybe Vaughn can teach Duvall a little something about light-hearted comedy. The elder actor hasn't done so well in the family film department (even if I enjoyed him immensely in Secondhand Lions and Newsies), and while he can certainly deliver funny performances at times (loved him and his mint julep in Thank You For Smoking), none of those roles could be considered "hilarious" or "broad" comedy.

Considering the plot of Four Christmases, Duvall will probably only get less than a quarter of the movie's screen time. The story follows Vaughn and Witherspoon's young married characters as they attempt to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day. It's highly likely that Duvall plays one of the fathers. Now, who will play the other parents? Could we get some more prestige, a la Meet the Fockers? If New Line can get three more Oscar winners (to completely flank odd-man Vaughn), then I might actually have to put this film on my next year's wish list. Four Christmases was written by Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson and is being directed by King of Kong's Seth Gordon.
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