Here's how I imagine The Other Boleyn Girl pitch went for Eric Bana: "Okay, so you play the King of England and throughout the film all you need to do is look tough and make out with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. Is that cool ... or should we go with something else. Totally your call." Bana ultimately decided to take the role (shocking!), and the first trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl has just arrived online, courtesy of Moviefone. You can watch it in the snazzy player up top, or head on over to Moviefone for the beautiful HD versions.

Based on the bestselling novel by Philippa Gregory, the film follows the ruthless rivalry between two sisters, Anne (Portman) and Mary (Johansson), as they fight for the love of a King. Here's a bit more from the synopsis: "Despite Mary's genuine feelings for Henry, her sister Anne has her sights set on the ultimate prize; Anne will not stop until she is Queen of England. As the Boleyn girls battle for the love of a King -- one driven by ambition, the other by true affection -- England is torn apart. Despite the dramatic consequences, the Boleyn girls ultimately find strength and loyalty in each other, and they remain forever connected by their bond as sisters." The trailer looks pretty good -- both Portman and Johansson look strong -- and so I'm a tad baffled that they'd release it all the way at the end of February. Then again, perhaps these steamy period pieces are best when delivered in the middle of winter. A little sex and some colorful costumes warm the soul right up. The Other Boleyn Girl arrives on February 29.