The long-in-the-works Edgar Allan Poe biopic may be a step closer to getting produced. Cinemablend is reporting this as an "unconfirmed rumor," but it sounds like Viggo Mortensenmay take on the juicy role of one of the most famous (and famously drug-addled) horror authors of all time. Who is writing and directing this biopic? Why, Sylvester Stallone, of course! The site's source says "Stallone has recently met with Viggo Mortensen and has offered him the role of Edgar Allan Poe in the film. Mortensen is considering the role although he wants some slight revisions in the script."

Since Stallone announced this project years ago, various actors have been mentioned as possible Poes. That list includes Robert Downey, Jr. and Johnny Depp, who certainly seem like fitting choices. The Cinemablend source also mentions that Clifton Collins, Jr. (Capote) and John Hawkes (American Gangster), two solid actors who look a lot like the author, are being considered should Viggo bail. Back in 1994, Stallone spoke about his Poe biopic with Interview. saying "I could probably produce it or direct it. I couldn't play Poe, because there's no way the baggage that I would bring to the role could ever be assimilated by the public. But I should do it, because it's the best thing that I've ever written, including Rocky or Paradise Alley." Stallone may consider the Poe screenplay his best, but what is his deepest and most profound script? Quoth The Raven, "Rocky Four."

Additionally, for more Stallone, USA Today has published a photo along with a lengthy article on the new Rambo film, due out early next year.

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