Will Smith in I Am LegendThere's an episode of The Gilmore Girls in which a tense, heartbreaking moment between Lorelai and her domineering mother, Emily, is broken when the movie The Pursuit of Happyness comes on the TV. "Oh, is that Will Smith?" Emily says, coming to sit on the bed beside Lorelai. "He's very handsome."

The moral of the story? Everybody, even uptight WASPs, loves Will Smith. In his new movie I Am Legend, he tackles the sci-fi horror genre, playing a scientist who, after a virus wipes out the entire population of everything, may possibly be the last man on Earth ... aside from some pesky mutant cannibals. Well, them and his dog, who must be thrilled at the annihilation of bureaucrats and their stupid leash laws.

Now's your chance to get jiggy with the Fresh Prince -- about the movie or anything else your heart desires -- because he and his I Am Legend director, Francis Lawrence, are coming to our humble Moviefone studio to interview each other using your questions. Now before you get all "Francis Who?" on me, let me fill in the blanks: Before he directed Constantine, Lawrence was an in-demand music video director who worked with Aerosmith (I Don't Want to Miss a Thing), Jay-Z (Girl's Best Friend), Justin Timberlake (Cry Me a River), Black Eyed Peas (Pump It) and Will Smith himself (Nod Ya Head). (There's a full list here.)

When we say "your questions," we mean "your questions," like, "Hey Will, whatever happened to Jazzy Jeff?" (someone please ask that; I kind of want to know), or "Hey Francis, who would win in a dance-off, JT or Will Smith?" (don't ask that one; it could get ugly). So let 'em have it -- leave a comment here, or you can send one to AskCelebs@aol.com (brought to you by Verizon Wireless) -- and please provide your first name and your city and state, so that we know you're not a computer or a cannibalistic mutant. Then check out their Unscripted interview on December 10 to see if your question made the broadcast. Good luck!