A few days back when Monika shared the news that Marcus Nispel had signed on for Platinum Dunes' Friday the 13thremake, she was met by one wise-ass commenter who actually made a good point: How can the remake have Jason as the hockey-masked killer -- if Jason didn't start slashing until Part 2 and didn't locate a hockey mask until the third act of Part 3? (Such are the things that ravenous horror nerds worry about.)

Luckily we have a semi-spoilery little report from Devin at CHUD.com, and let's just say that screenwriters Mark Swift and Damian Shannon are not exactly looking to re-invent the wheel. Which is good news for me, because it's the formulaic simplicity of the original Friday the 13th that I dig so much. (Yes, I really believe the original is a damn fine horror film. Cheap, choppy and all but completely plagiarized, but still grim, atmospheric and graphically effective.) Swift and Shannon also provided the screenplay for Freddy vs. Jason, but I'm hoping this new project is a little darker (and quite a bit more ... decipherable) than FvJ was.

Anyway, rest assured that I'll be watching this project with both eyeballs. And since they're planning to shoot in Austin early next year, hell, maybe I'll even get to visit the set. Click right here for Devin's notes from a discussion with the Platinum Dunes partners, and then click right here for some (also semi-spoilery) character descriptions at Bloody-Disgusting.com. But really, who's worried about spoilers at this point? It's not like you haven't seen Friday the 13th at least four times. (Special note to the Dunesmen: Good job on giving Nispel the job. I may be in the minority, but I really dug his take on Leatherface. Looking forward to his interpretation of ol' Jason, which will hit theaters on February 13, 2009. Yes, that's a Friday.)

Special note to me fellow Friday freaks: I was overseas recently and I picked up this very awesome Friday the 13th bookANDthe unrated Warner Bros. Region 2 DVD that has the nine extra seconds of gore! Whoo!
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