Before her sexy stint in In the Cut, before You've Got Mail, French Kiss, The Doors, and my personal, all-time favorite, Innerspace, Meg Ryan was really, really serious about her teeth. The year she started her career with Rich and Famous in 1981, where she played the older version of Nicole Eggert, she also starred in a commercial for AIM toothpaste.

Ah, those were the days. You didn't have to hunt through hordes of special perks and whitening toothpastes to find your brand -- things were simple. Ryan was pimping "a serious toothpaste" because...wait for it... it fights cavities with flouride! Fancy stuff. So, Meg's got on a good-girl, pale pink sweater, and is fluffing her puffy bangs while wannabe cheerleaders actually "Ra-Ra" behind her, and then tease her for her funky toothpate. I wonder what they did when Rembrandt hit the shelves.. Anyhow, as an added bonus, you actually get to see Ryan, and not the unfortunate, nose-jobbed, botoxed version of her that's around these days.