Sarah Michelle Gellar's Alice, which will focus on a damaged, adult version of the girl in baby blue, is about to get some solid competition from the company that made the original story so darned popular in the first place. Variety has reported that the great Tim Burton has signed on to direct Alice in Wonderland for Walt Disney Studios -- the same company that helped him bring Ed Wood and The Nightmare Before Christmas to the big screen. But that's not all -- when he's done with that, he'll put together a feature-length movie based on his 1984 short film Frankenweenie -- the story of a pet dog brought back to life by his owner. Turns out the Frankenweenie rumor from way back at the beginning of October is indeed true.

Man, I can only begin to imagine what Burton can cook up with both of these projects. The two films will combine live action and performance capture for a big 3D release, as is just all the rage these days. The Alice script is based on the Lewis Carroll classic, as opposed to Disney's treatment first treatment of it, and was written by The Lion King scribe Linda Woolverton. Once Sweeney Todd is all said and done, Burton will film his version of Wonderland in early 2008, and aims to wrap it up in May. However, for some reason, Variety is still calling it a pre-strike project.*

After dealing with hearts, bunnies, tea parties, and all the wonderful Wonderland shenanigans, Burton will give the same 3D treatment to his 23-year-old story. I would hope he's going to pen the film himself; however, that hasn't been confirmed. So, now the question is: who will Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp play?

*Variety has removed this comment from their post.
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