It's no secret that director Brett Ratner is looking for an A-lister to fill the shoes of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in an upcoming biopic. Early rumors suggested Ratner was eying Leonardo DiCaprio for the role, however no such announcement has been made. DiCaprio, in my opinion, would be perfect. Alas, a new name has suddenly popped into the equation -- one you wouldn't expect, or necessarily want to play Hef. Yup, Tom Cruise. According to M&C, Cruise "is set to play" Hefner in the film, though I wouldn't go and believe that until something official heads our way. Sources close to the actor claim Cruise "knows of Hugh's colourful past and thinks he would be the perfect person to bring it to the big screen."

Additionally, here's another idiotic quote from the same "inside source:" "He thinks the role would be a challenge for him, and would remind people of his versatility as an actor. At the moment people are concentrating on his personal life, and his marriage to Katie - but he wants to remind them that he can act too." This is a moronic thing to say because Cruise's current role in Lions for Lambs is dramatic, as well as his next one in Bryan Singer's Valkyrie. I mean, it's not like the guy is playing the lead role in a series of upcoming live-action Cabbage Patch Kids movies -- is this "source" trying to say that playing a guy who runs a magazine full of naked women is more important, challenging and serious than playing the guy who planned to assassinate Hitler? Naturally, a spokesperson for Cruise denied the entire thing, stating: "A lot of people consider Tom for a lot of roles." Who do you think should play Hugh Hefner?

[via Movie Blog]

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