The ever-astute Anne Thompson, over on her Thompson on Hollywood blog at Variety, has an analysis up of the Oscar buzz around Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood. I've not yet seen the entire film though I did see a 20-minute sneak-peek at Telluride that was more than enough to whet my appetite for the film (Cinematical'sScott Weinberg saw it at Fantastic Fest, much to the jealousy of the rest of our reviewing team) Thompson has seen the film twice now and recommends highly that people see it twice in order to fully digest it.

Thompson recently went to a WGA screening of the film, where the audience gave a standing ovation to director Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis afterward. Day-Lewis is looking like a cinch for an Oscar nom for Best Actor, and I'd be pretty surprised not to see the film get a Best Picture nod as well. What I'm really more interested in is whether Paul Dano gets a nod for his dual role as twins Eli and Paul Sunday. Dano was one of the best parts of Little Miss Sunshine, and in the part of his performance in There Will Be Blood that I caught at Sundance, he more than held his own playing opposite Day-Lewis -- and that's saying something.

There Will Be Blood continues to stand firmly in fifth place on the Oscar watch list for Best Picture over at Movie City News' Gurus o' Gold, with Atonement still pretty firmly in the top slot. Beneath Atonement, the Gurus have No Country for Old Men, American Gangster, and Charlie Wilson's War. Gurus 2.0, in which our own James Rocchi is participating, has four of the five same top films, but has There Will Be Blood up in second place right behind Atonement, followed by No Country for Old Men, American Gangster and Into the Wild.

For some reason (well, partly because I skipped out on going to Toronto this year) I've not seen any of these films save Into the Wild yet, but I'll be catching them all over the next couple weeks as the For Your Consideration screeners flood the mailbox ( I think my DHL guy is convinced I'm into something illegal here -- every day when he brings me yet another package he gives me a weird look -- he just ought to be glad no one is delivering me packages of sexy panties and pigs-head masks like some people).

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