I love this movie.

I don't say those four words often, so I had to put them first. And isolate them. While watching The Life of Reilly I laughed my hardest since Superbad. I also got seriously choked up for the second time at the movies this year (the first was during Control). In all honesty, I doubt I will see another movie as funny and touching as this one for quite awhile.

But to be fair, what I really love isn't the movie -- it's the one-man stage show that existed before the movie. The Life of Reilly isn't even an adaptation; it's simply a taping (or digital capture) of the final performance of the show, which was titled Save it for the Stage: The Life of Reilly and starred the late Charles Nelson Reilly.

To be fair again, the movie isn't merely a stationary shot of a stage performance. There's intimate close ups at all the right moments, so that we don't just feel like we're watching a show; it's more like we're personally getting to know Reilly, as he narrates the significant moments of his life.
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