She has comforted herself in The Safety of Objects, she has struggled for life in the Panic Room while Jared Leto terrorized her with really, really terrible cornrows, she visited Cold Creek Manor,* and that was only her first three features. Now Varietyreports that Kristen Stewart, fresh from Sean Penn's Into the Wild, has been tapped for another starring role. She'll take the lead in Thirteen writer/director Catherine Hardwicke's next movie, the young adult thriller/romance called Twilight, which I first told you about in October. Sorry Emily Browning, who was once rumored to star.

Based on the YA series by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight focuses on a 17-year-old named Bella who moves to a small town to live with her dad. Unfortunately, she falls for a pale and mysterious classmate, which can only mean one thing -- he's a bloodsucking vampire. According to Variety, he's determined to push her away, so he's not only a sexy vampire, but a noble one. But, there's only so long that a man, even one that drinks blood, can push off undeniable attraction, and they head into a romance. But that's complicated when his nemesis comes to town. (This sounds so very similar to LJ Smith, which I mentioned last time...) The film will start filming this February, but in the meantime, we need a nemesis, and more importantly, a vampire hottie. Who should it be?

*Edited, thanks to MCW
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