In the recent documentary King Corn, two guys discover that their hair is made up of carbon originating from corn. From there, they find out that nearly everything they digest, from beef to soda, consists of corn (molecules). But while watching the film, I thought about my own diet. Even if almost all of American food and drink didn't contain traces of corn, my hair would still be made up of the stuff. Why? Because I am a popcorn junkie.

I'm not the only fan of popcorn, but I doubt anybody loves it as much as I do. While working in movie theaters for ten years, I couldn't stop eating the stuff. And I got to eat it all day long for free, so I was often a happy employee. Now that I pay to go to the movies again, I also pay for popcorn. When I watch a movie at home, I make it on the stove. I even prefer the neighborhood bars that offer free baskets of the stuff.

My only wonder about my love is this: where did it come from? Did I grow up loving popcorn because I grew up loving the movies? Or did I grow up loving the movies because I grew up loving popcorn? I'm sure that the snack would still be consumed were it not for movies, but it's certainly possible that we eat more of it thanks to it's being the main staple of cinemas for almost a hundred years. Even when people stopped going to the movies so much, they still wanted corn with their show -- it's just serendipitous how home video and microwave popcorn came around about the same time.