He was supposed to head up Oliver Stone's latest Vietnam drama, Pinkville -- but that is on indefinite hold due to the strike. So, instead of some really depressing accounts of war, Bruce Willis is going sci-fi. Variety reports that the actor has signed on to star in The Surrogates -- Jonathan Mostow's robot production that Erik Davis blogged about back in March. The team that collaborated with the director on T3, Michael Ferris and John Brancato, wrote the script, which is based on a graphic novel from Robert Venditti.

Similar to the game Second Life, Surrogates is set in the near future, where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots who are "better-looking versions" of themselves, rather than making the effort to step out of doors themselves. (A comment on the electronic age? Undoubtedly.) Bruce will play a cop, big surprise, who uses his surrogate to investigate the murders of other surrogates. (Wouldn't that be robotocide?) As the mystery unfolds, he has to do the unthinkable -- leave his house for the first time in years to solve the crime. While I don't go gaga for Willis, he's an attractive man, so I can't wait to see these "better-looking" robotic versions. Will good-looking celebs play sequestered humans who then play with even better-looking robots? This could get tricky really fast. The film will get released through Touchstone, and will gear up to shoot in early 2008.
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