Lolita Davidovich is heading for the web, and Chrissy Seaver is back on television, but here are some of the newest big-screen casting bites:

A funky, music-laced young adult book called Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist came out this year, and it's already becoming a movie -- one starring the completely irresistible Michael Cera and struggling 40-Year-Old-Virgin teen Kat Dennings. Now Variety reports that Breaking and Entering'sRafi Gavron is also on the cast as Dev, who looks to be one of Cera's bandmates. Taking place over the course of one night, the book deals with teens who meet a punk club and fall for each other while questioning their lives and roaming through Manhattan -- something that could be a very welcome change from the usual teen fare.

Emma Roberts finally has a kid co-star for her upcoming film, Hotel for Dogs. If you remember, the film is based on a Lois Duncan children's book, and it focuses on two orphans who keep stray dogs in an abandoned hotel. IMDb has the other orphan, Bruce, listed as Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place). So now, at least, Roberts won't be talking to empty space. Also, Variety reports that Troy Gentile has booked a role, who you might remember from his stint as a Bad News Bear, or as the young Nacho Libre. Dogs is currently filming, but won't hit theaters until 2009.

Finally, Scott Michael Campbell, who co-starred as Liddle in Flight of the Phoenix, has nabbed himself a new role, according to Variety. He's been cast alongside Djimon Hounsou and Dakota Fanning in Push -- that sci-fi flick about telekinetics and clairvoyants running from a US government agency. He's playing Agent Holden -- obviously one of the dudes that these people with powers must run from. They're currently filming the project in Hong Kong, and plan to release it next year.

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