For those that did not see Beowulf this past weekend and have been patiently awaiting the internet debut of the new crystal clear Cloverfield trailer, I'm happy to say that Apple has scored your first look and are hosting it as we speak, in several formats. As we expected, some sort of monster (or, from the looks of it, monsters) attack New York City and a bunch of good-looking kids decide to record the whole experience in case -- ya know -- they survive and Hollywood comes calling. Actually, that's not the reason they give -- "people are gonna wanna know how it all went down" -- but if I were filming, I'd be thinking dollar signs.

The film itself looks pretty wild; picture The Blair Witch Project, but with a steadier camera and a lot more special effects. I also like the ways in which they go about hiding the monsters in the trailer, and I hope they do the same in the film -- I, personally, wouldn't want to see the actual monsters until close to the end. It's a great idea, one that definitely adds some originality to the old school monster flick, and after watching the trailer, I will indeed show up to watch the entire film up on the big screen. Why not? Sure, none of the kids appear to have New York accents, but do they ever? I mean, take a look at Peter Parker; for a kid who grew up in Queens, he has absolutely no accent whatsoever. So be it. Cloverfield. Looks cool enough. Are you in?

UPDATE: A new website for Clovefield has launched, though all it does at this time is link to the Apple trailer.