While the last Cinema Epoch disk I discussed left me cold (check out my review of See Jane Run) this recent slice of indie horror leaves me filled with renewed enthusiasm for low budget independent horror.

The town of Eidolon Crossing once thrived thanks to a successful amusement park called Dogwood Park, until the area was plagued by a grizzly series of child murders that stretched from the early 1960s until the late 1970s. The first body was found at the park and tourism took a hit from the bad publicity. The park eventually closed, becoming known to the locals as Deadwood Park. Everyone, particularly the foul-tempered Sheriff Bob Cooper, believes that Jake Richardson has returned to Eidolon Crossing to dig up dirt about the murders. In fact, he's freaking out over the news that his girlfriend is pregnant, and he's fled to his hometown to fix up the house his parents left him. Jake's brother Francis was the last of twenty-six kids to be murdered by a madman who was never found, and though it wasn't his initial intention, Jake finds himself seeking the truth behind the tragedy. What starts as curiosity intensifies when apparitions of the murdered children begin appearing to Jake and lead him to a series of clues by way of a trail of teeth, and the cryptic message "cut off the limb, sever the bite."
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