If you're anything like me, upon reading some of the names that were up for roles in the new live action Justice League of America movie, your first response was probably: "Who the f*ck is that?" It's okay to feel that way; most of the actors up for roles are young up-and-comers who don't have many credits next to their name. And in order to be familiar with them, you'd need to watch The O.C. or read Teen Hotties of the Month Magazine. Forget about the film for a moment (which I do not think should be made at this time), my main problem with this cast is that they're so damn young. Armie Hammer, for example, is rumored to be playing Batman. He's 21. He looks like a baby. And am I the only one who expects my Batman and Superman to actually be, ya know, MEN?

As it stands right now, this whole film will feel like a Beverly Hills 90210 Halloween episode, in which everyone dresses up like their favorite superhero. My suggestion: They wait a few years, and instead of launching a live-action film, why not exploit the new 3D IMAX nonsense. Mo-cap the hell out of the thing. Get an older, more experienced and well-known cast to voice the roles. Let poor Christopher Nolan finish his Batman trilogy without having to deal with pics of Armie Hammer as "hottie Batman" leaking all over the web. Launch solo films for Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash before this JLA movie. Sure, one day it might be fun to watch Superman and Batman fight one another, as it's somewhat cool to watch the new Alien vs. Predator movies, but wait until those franchises have run out of steam. Those are my two cents, anyway ... How about you?

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