• Ferdinando Baldi(1917-2007) - Italian filmmaker who co-directed David and Goliath, featuring Orson Welles (who directed his own scenes). He also directed Ringo Starr in the spaghetti western Blindman, wrote and directed the spaghetti westerns Texas, addio (Goodbye Texas aka Texas, Adios), Rita nel West (Crazy Westerners, aka Rita of the West), Il Pistolero dell'Ave Maria (Forgotten Pistolero, aka Gunman of Ave Maria) and Django, Prepare a Coffin and co-directed Duel of the Champions and The Tartars (also starring Welles). He died November 12. (Film.it)
  • Rabbi Philmore Berger(c.1927-2007) - Real-life rabbi who played the rabbi performing the burial of "Mickey" (Burgess Meredith) in Rocky III. He died November 1. (Oceanside/Island Herald)
  • Michael Blodgett(1940-2007) - Actor and screenwriter who appears in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, There Was a Crooked Man ... and Roger Corman's The Trip. He co-scripted Turner & Hooch, Rent-a-Cop and 1991's Run, which starred Patrick Dempsey. He adapted his own novels, Hero and the Terror and The White Raven and choreographed the beach party pics A Swingin' Summer and The Catalina Caper. He was formerly married to Family Ties mom Meredith Baxter. He died November 14. (Bright Lights After Dark)
  • Ronnie Burns(1935-2007) - Former actor-turned-real estate investor who starred in Anatomy of a Psycho and appears in Bernardine. He was the adopted son of George Burns and Gracie Allen. He died of cancer November 14, in Los Angeles. (AP)
  • Michael Delahoussaye(c.1949-2007) - Cinematographer of They Still Call Me Bruce, Inner Sanctum and Across the Tracks, which starred Brad Pitt. He also shot many Playboy videos and was a camera operator on Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo, Dunston Checks In and U.S. Marshals. He died of multiple myeloma November 8, in Los Angeles. (Houston Chronicle)
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