Everyone who misses Steve Guttenberg raise your hand. I wasn't the only one, I hope. Maybe you want to pretend you didn't love Officer Mahoney, but you know you did. And you probably even enjoyed him in Three Men and a Baby and its sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, as well as Cocoon and its sequel, Cocoon: The Return. Oh yeah, and Short Circuit? And Diner? Even if you weren't a Police Academy fan (he was in four out of seven of the movies), you had to be able to find something you enjoyed him in. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's back. Actually, he never disappeared; he was just doing less-seen work. In fact, this new project may be yet another of those little-seen gigs -- but at least he's getting his name in the trades!

Unfortunately, this new gig also seems to be nothing like his old roles. Guttenberg is playing a father whose son falls down a well. Titled The Well, the movie doesn't even sound like a comedy; it's about a divorcing couple whose kid disappears. Could anything be less Mahoney-esque? I doubt there will be even one scene featuring Guttenberg hitting on a hot new police recruit. What a waste. Joining the actor is Irish actress Aislinn Sands and British actor Dominic Rickhards. The Well, which begins filming in Berlin this week,was written by Sabine Leipert and Julia Newmann and will be directed by Stephen Manuel, who just finished a movie called Perfect Hideout, starring Billy Zane. Meanwhile, those of us who really miss Guttenberg can force ourselves to watch him and Jessica Simpson in Major Movie Star, which is set for release by Warner Bros. sometime next year.

Anyway, I'm wondering what you guys think was Guttenberg's biggest career mistake: turning down Big; turning down Ghostbusters; or departing the Police Academy franchise after #4. Also, extra points for the first commenter to tell us what this post's headline references. Bonus extra points for telling me how the Stonecutters fit in, as well.
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