Ordinarily, we only hear about those movie pitches that were successful -- the ones that landed at a studio, lined up actors, directors, etc ... But what about the horrible movie pitches? Variety doesn't give you a list of those. The ridiculously awful movie pitches; the pitches that often make their way around private Hollywood email chains when someone feels like sharing a laugh. Radar Online spoke to a bunch of different producers, agents and writers, and asked them for the worst pitches they've ever had to endure. Some of these are bad. Real bad. But I wouldn't be surprised to see them end up on the big screen in some shape or form down the line.

Among those listed are a project called Wheels, which comes with the pitch: "Jerry Maguire in a wheelchair." And here's the premise: "A hotshot sports agent parks in a handicapped spot and gets sentenced by a judge to spend a month in a wheelchair. Which is fine, until he falls for a woman with a real disability, but doesn't explain that he isn't actually handicapped. How's that for a third-act complication, motherf**ker?!" Oh, and then there's my personal favorite (no, it's not a homeless version of the TV show Friends -- another pitch that made their list) -- a project called Rock Op, which apparently had Jim Carrey lined up to star as "a DJ who specializes in playing 'torture' music to extract information from detainees." Apart from ruining Clay Aiken's career, I'm not entirely sure how this film could've won over audiences. Anyway, head on over to Radar to check out the rest, then come back and let us know which pitches are your favorite. Oh, and if you happen to have experienced your own horrible pitch session, do let us know (anonymously, of course) what the pitch was in the comments section below.

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