Growing up, I always knew weekend warriors to be guys like my dad who would work through the week, seemingly normal, and then go action-hero wild on the weekend. Rationale went out the window as men everywhere would hand in their work attire for parasails, jetskis, and anything other device they could play hard with while disregarding their own safety. Now the tune is getting shifted just a little bit. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Dean Parisot, the guy who helmed the geek-loved Galaxy Quest, is in final negotiations to direct the upcoming film Weekend Warrior for Warner Brothers.

This project is said to be in the tone of Ghostbusters, but it just sounds like The Greatest American Hero to me. The film "follows a high school teacher and armchair home repair enthusiast who unwittingly becomes a superhero." See? All you need to add make it a match are some aliens, a goofy suit, a sarcastic FBI man, and a classroom full of rebels that he's molding into good citizens. Since it's in the tone of Ghostbusters, however, I imagine it'll have much more bite and less real-life hero feel to it. And presumably much less painful-looking crashes. The script comes from Bill Birch, an actor who has had a ton of television stints on shows from The Young and the Restless to Sleeper Cell (he's also the pen behind The Pre-Astronauts). It's too early to decide much about the picture, but it looks like it could have promise.
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