If anything could really hurt the feature film for Knight Rider, the one that series creator Glen A. Larson has been working on for a while, I would guess that it would be the Hoff. As you might remember, NBC wanted to get in on the KITT action, so they started to make a 2-hour movie/back-door pilot to come out before the movie and steal its thunder. Justin Bruening joined the cast earlier this month, and now the NBC project might have scored the big cheese -- David Hasselhoff. Reuters has reported that he's in talks to reprise his role as Michael Knight for the project.

If he signs on the dotted line, he'll join Bruening and another soap opera alum, Deanna Russo -- who will follow in Hoff's footsteps, by getting into the Rider via The Young & the Restless. And here's the story: Mike Tracer (Bruening) is Michael Knight's son, but he never knew his dad. "Burned by his love for childhood best friend and one-time girlfriend Sarah Karmen (Russo), Mike is wasting away in Las Vegas when Sarah reappears and is willing to pay off Mike's gambling debt in exchange for help." You see, Sarah's dad is KITT inventer Charles Kamen, and she works in the engineering department of Stanford. KITT tells her that her father is missing, so she recruits the kid. How Hoff fits in, oh, I imagine he'll give his son some tips or something. Oh yeah -- and Sydney Poitier, of Grindhouse fame, is also involved.

Could Hasselhoff be involved in both projects? Or, if he signs onto one, will that mean the end of the other? What are your thoughts?
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