Depending on who you talk to, both films are doing just fine. Word has it the Justice League cast will be announced this week (most likely tomorrow), and the solo Wolverine flick is all ready to go -- eying a May 1, 2009 release date. Not so fast, says Cinema Blend, who have received a tip from a reliable source that claims both Wolverine and Justice League are running into problems. Could these two films become the next to be delayed by the strike? Regarding Wolverine, here's what their scooper had to say: "Apparently the movie Australia has taken up all the stages at Fox in Sydney, where Wolverine is meant to film, and they just can't accommodate Wolverine at the moment. They're going to have to push back Wolverine." Australia is still filming? Damn, how long has it been now -- at least four, five months? A recent article in The Press claimed pre-production on Wolverine was already underway on the Fox lot in Sydney, and that the film was also going to shoot on location in parts of New Zealand. With Wolverine about to start, I'm sure we'll hear official word soon enough.

And Justice League? According to Moviehole's source, "the film is definitely on track" and "the cast is a lock as of today." Ah, but then you have Cinema Blend's source, who says ... "they don't have a finished script and can't work on it until the strike is over, and there's no studio space at Fox Sydney... so maybe one of these productions will have to move to Docklands studios Melbourne (but The Pacific is taking up all the stages there) or Warner Bros Studios on the Gold Coast. So perhaps there's some chance for JLA to get done, of course that probably depends on how much longer the writer's strike goes on. They'll need enough time to finish the script and shoot it before SAG goes on strike. They're rapidly running out of time." It's a game of "Who Has the Better Source" right now, so I guess all we can do is wait it out and see what happens. My top secret source, who goes by the name of Awesome Dude and lives inside my head, isn't too keen on either film -- although Wolverine definitely has some potential. What say you?

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