I can't stand movie titles that do not, in any way, seem to coincide with the film's plot. Case in point: Variety tells us John Singleton has signed on to direct a thriller called Executive Order: Six, which will be financed by Relativity and is based off a script written by Philip Eisner (from a story he wrote with Robbie Consing). Lawrence Bender and Karen Barber will produce. Based on the title, it sounds like some corporate-themed flick, where guys in suits do bad things. It also begs the question: What happened to Executive Order one through five?

So what's it actually about? Well, Executive Order: Six follows "residents of a small, snowbound town, who band together to fight a mysterious horror that turns out to be an alien being unleashed by a plane crash." Sounds sort of like 30 Days of Night ... with an alien instead of vampires. I'm sure the whole Executive Order: Six fits into the script somehow, but you're telling me there weren't any other title suggestions? Like Snow Alien? Like ... The Secret Lives of Aliens? Or ... Crash Aliens?A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila? Wait, scratch that last one. Anyway, kudos to Singleton for finding another project to helm; the director has had a rough few months -- first he was involved in a car crash that killed someone, and then Tulia, the Halle Berry/Billy Bob Thornton flick he was supposed to direct, was postponed due to Berry being preggers (lingo you pick up after hanging around with way too many pregnant women). Do you like the title? What would you have called it?

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