There's lots of Shrek movies on the way. Shrek Works 9 to 5. Shrek and Leonard Part 6. Shrek and the Seven Deadly Sins. Shrek and the 8 Wonders of the World. Shrek Travels to the Nine Planets. However, before he can do all that, he's got to get out there, so get ready to see Shrek Goes Fourth. Get it? As Jeffrey Katzenberg told Moviehole: "Shrek goes out into the world, forth! A little play on words." Okay, so while number 4 is a reality straight from Katz himself, I made the others up. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if we just continue to get these films -- even though the last didn't seem to get the reaction love of the first two, it still pulled in many hundreds of millions of dollars.

So, why stop? Mike Myers has no interest in slowing the speed of Shrek, and the entire cast is still signed on for both 4 and 5. So, Dreamworks is working on the next one, and it will come out in 2010 in 3D -- because everything from these guys will be in 3D starting in 2009. I like 3D and all, but I have to say that I'm not entirely excited about this idea considering how crappy it can be if you're not in a good seat. That, and they had to go and make the glasses look less spastic, which dashed my dreams of theaters and streets full of Dr. Jacobis. But anyway, Moviehole also asked Katzenburg about the possibility of a Bee Movie franchise. Katz says: "I don't have the the courage to ask him [Seinfeld] right now. [laughs]" I imagine that will depend on how the movie continues to do. After two weeks, it's raked in $104,572,318 worldwide, so it is still working its way up to its production budget of $150 mil.
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