He's one of the pens behind Keri Russell and Freddie Highmore's musical drama, August Rush. He's also helped write a feature called Speed Kills, which is looking like it will compete with Tony Scott's project about the inventor of the cigarette boat, Don Aronow. Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Paul Castro has signed a two-picture deal with producers Michael Wasserman and Amy Balsam's Unusual Suspects banner -- a deal that was made before the WGA strike, but hasn't been shared with the public until now. (Truth, or some sneaky fudging of deal dates?)

If variety is a virtue, these should work well for the scribe. One is a drama called Eileen's Ice. It's about "an unorthodox nun who is ordered to take in a troubled teen under house arrest and learns that the two unlikely companions have more in common than she thinks." Will they spy on creepy, serial killing neighbors, perchance? But religion and marriages to God are only the tip of the iceberg. The second feature Castro has penned is called Cupcake, which is not only another notch on his writing belt -- it will also be his directorial debut. This film is just a wee bit different than the other -- it "follows a teen's quest to find the father he never knew with the help of a prostitute named Cupcake." How a teen befriends a prostitute, and how she in turn helps him find a long-lost father, well, I have no idea. There's no further word on these projects, but in the meantime you can check out August Rush, which opens tomorrow.
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