In case you haven't heard, Michael Cera hosted Saturday Night Livethis past weekend. Of course, thanks to the writer's strike, the show couldn't be taped and broadcast into your homes. Instead, it was more of an improvised affair, taking place in the Upright Citizens Brigade theater rather than at Rockefeller Center. I wish I could have seen it; in fact, I wish someone had put some videos of the reportedly racy sketches on YouTube. Unfortunately, nobody did.

But while attempting to find a video of the event, I came across another video of Cera, from his performance in Steal this Movie. It's been a long time since I saw this Abbie Hoffman biopic, and I never noticed after Cera became famous that he was the kid in the movie playing Hoffman's son, America, at age 7-8. Looking at the scenes now, it's almost as though Cera was doing his usual deadpan tantrum schtick way back when. Look at how much he hates paper -- first crumpling up a letter, then throwing envelopes on the floor -- it's hilarious. Of course, in the context of the movie, he's not supposed to be funny. But with those ridiculous round glasses and those overalls, how could anybody have taken him seriously then, let alone now.