She might have a degree from Yale, a grandfather who used to be president of the university, and bilingual talents, but Jordana Brewster is known for her looks, her mid-range spots on Maxim Hot 100 lists, and flicks like The Faculty, The Fast and the Furious, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. If you were expecting her to take on something a little more meaty, perhaps something along the route of Ellen Page, keep waiting. Moviehole has posted that the current rumor mill has her in talks for Fast and the Furious 4, which Erik brought word of here. Warning: what follows below is information about the plot, if Moviehole sources are right. If you'd like to just think of a fast and furious future with cars and intrigue, without plot points, jump to the next story. If you want more info, keep reading.

So, since Brian let Dominic go at the beginning of the first film, he's been repenting in a monastery and hiding from his bosses. Now that this cushion of fib is out of the way, here's what Moviehole says about the plot: Mia (Brewster) is back for less-than-happy reasons. Michelle Rodriguez's character is gone, having crashed and burned (an eerie link to the possibilities of her driving in real life), and Mia has to deliver Letty's car to her brother, Dominic. Meanwhile, Brian has served time for letting D go, but is getting an out -- if he stops Braga, a crime boss and drug importer, he's free. If you want even more particulars, check out the source. So yeah, the flick should do well -- it's got all the basics for crime, action, sexiness, and a whole new collection of MTV awards.

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