I remember when folks like Madonna first had a kid, I wondered whether they would follow in her footsteps and head into show business as a sex-crazed tramp. I actually played a game once with my friends: Whose Kid Will Turn Out the Most F**ked Up? These days, kids of well known actors and actresses are doing pretty good; most notably Will Smith's son Jaden was great in last year's The Pursuit of Happyness. But Smith was never known as a tabloid whore, and so folks like Madonna, Britney Spears and, God forbid, eventually Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan -- what will their kids grow up to be? Well, according to Hollywood.com (via a story in The Sun), Madonna's oldest daughter Lourdes has apparently been offered a role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The sources indicate that Madonna is currently considering an offer made by Warner Bros.

Lourdes, who's 11-years-old and nicknamed Lola, is the daughter of Madonna and fitness trainer Carlos Leon (ya know, the guy before Guy Ritchie). In addition to Potter, she's also said to be up for a starring role in a Warner Bros. kids' musical "similar to Bugsy Malone." Here's what a tipster told The Sun (not the most reliable source in the world): "An executive at Warners wanted to cast Lola in the last Potter film and has renewed his interest for the next movie. Lola would love to do it--she is a huge fan." It's not known what part she was offered, or whether that part went to someone else (keep in mind, an official press release with the full cast was unveiled earlier in the week). Could Lourdes become the next Potter star? And, if so, would she put on a fake British accent like her mom?

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