What do you get if you mix together Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, toss in a dash of Ariel and a smidge of Belle, and drop her into the cold, harsh light of reality? Writer Bill Kelly and director Kevin Lima ask just that question in Enchanted, Disney's newest family film offering, which merges classic Disney animation with live action in bringing fairy tale characters to life.

Animated Giselle (Amy Adams) has been spending her time doing what all good little Disney heroines do -- sitting around her cute little cottage in the middle of a forest, hanging out with all the little forest creatures and dreaming of her Prince Charming coming to carry her off to his castle in the clouds. Giselle doesn't seem to have much purpose or direction in her life beyond that singular goal; after all, she already has the two things every good animated future princess needs in order to snag a royal sweetie: delicate beauty and a lovely singing voice.

Giselle does meet her Prince Charming, er, Edward (James Marsden) when he rescues her from a troll who was about to eat her for a little pre-dinner snack. After bursting into song in a perfectly harmonized duet (actually sung by Marsden and Adams, both of whom have surprisingly good voices), the pair plan do what all good fairy tale folks do the day after they meet someone they like -- get married for ever, and ever, and ever. The one person who isn't thrilled with the happy couples' nuptial plans is the prince's stepmother, Narissa (Susan Sarandon), who, in addition to being secretly evil, isn't about to give up her crown to the sweet Giselle. Disguised as a hag, Narissa enchants Giselle as she rushes to her wedding and sends her down a magic well and into the real world.
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