In the new Disney movie Enchanted, Patrick Dempsey (aka Dr. McDreamy) shows off some classy moves on the ballroom floor. When he's done, Amy Adams mentions that he had previously told her he can't dance. He corrects her, saying that he can dance, he just doesn't dance (normally, anyway). While watching the scene, I thought to myself: has Giselle (Adams' character's name) never seen Can't Buy Me Love? Of course Patrick Dempsey can dance. In fact, he's able to turn an African ritual into a hot new craze at his high school dance, as you can see in the video above. I wonder who is more embarrassed of that scene from twenty years ago, Disney or Dempsey.

Maybe it's because I'm not female, but I much prefer the Patrick Dempsey of old -- back when he was super dorky, but he could still get a girl by spending $1000 on her or, tables turned, pimping himself out to married women by way of a very special pizza delivery offer. Or, there's that time he accidentally got a female roommate thanks to a college housing error, and she ended up falling for him. But my favorite Dempsey movie is Coupe de Ville, in which he plays my younger brother, while I was played by Arye Gross and my older brother was played by Daniel Stern, as we drive to Florida in the titular old auto. Well, it seemed like that movie was about my brothers and me, anyway.