He can sing! He can sing! The first few trailers for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street haven't really focused on the musical aspects, which left some of us wondering why they'd deliberately leave that stuff out. Was it because musical movies are hard to market? Was it because Johnny Depp sounds worse than a horse does during a rectal exam? Or were they saving the film's best moments for right before release? Well, good news is Sweeney Todd is receiving tons of fabulous buzz, and you can now add to that a new video featuring Depp singing his sweet ass off in the recording studio, as well as on screen. Yup, it's a short, but enticing look at Depp laying down the tracks, as well as what the songs look like when they're magically transplanted into the actual film. And, honestly, I just dig everything about this movie -- if anything, these new clips of Depp belting out his lines has me wanting to see Sweeney Todd even more.

Six new posters for Sweeney Todd have also arrived online, and we've built a little gallery below for you to check them out. I believe there were a bunch before these six that were previously released, so adding these to those means there are roughly 700 Sweeney Todd posters currently circling the internets. Nice. The film, directed by Tim Burton, arrives in theaters on December 21.