Could it be that Sidney Lumet is back? I'm a cynic, and a snobby '70s movie fan, and I've been hesitant about seeing Before the Devil Knows You're Dead -- I know I'm terrible; the movie is supposedly really, really good; I'm just being lazy -- so I can't offer that statement. Besides, there are people who don't think he was ever gone to begin with. Still, his latest is his best reviewed film in many years. Our own Erik Davis called it "captivating" and pointed out that Lumet took an otherwise forgettable story and made it "exceptional in every way -- from its execution to its acting" (OK, I really need to see this already). Well, it seems that Funky Buddha Group, which financed Devil, is happy enough with Lumet's work on that film; the company has just agreed to collaborate with the filmmaker on two more movies, with an option for a third.

So what is Lumet's next project, and will it be a disappointment after the greatness of Devil? (a cynic never stops doubting). According to Variety, it's called Getting Out, and it involves a prison break. Written by Lumet himself (and not adapted from anything this time, either), the script deals with, "a man desperate to regain his freedom while entangled in deadly head games with his prison psychiatrist and the woman he desires." Honestly, it doesn't sound too exciting, or interesting. But then, I like Lumet's The Wiz, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me (don't worry, it's not one of my favorites, like Dog Day Afternoon, 12 Angry Men and especially Network all are). But who should you listen to? People like our own Jeff Anderson, an obvious Lumet fan, who calledDevil one of, "the year's best American films," or do you listen to our own Ryan Stewart, who referred to Lumet as a "non-master" and called Devil, "a pointless and annoying timeline-pretzel ... only to arrive at a Greek tragedy climax that has a plot hole so large you could drive a Hummer through it." You can see why I've been hesitant and cynical, now, can't you?
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