There's nothing like the professional desire to get your hands on a lean piece of machinery -- especially if you specialize in repairs. Back in the seventies, the sweet set to have, if the above commercial was to be believed -- a Hitachi Luminar. It was gorgeously encased in wood, and sported a wonderfully-small, square, and curved screen. Perfection! There were even a few buttons on the side -- a total boob-toob addict's wet dream!

Unfortunately, they were also sturdy suckers that never broke. Poor Martin Short. All he wanted to do was learn the television repair business. After two years slaving away at the profession, he just never got his hands on a Hitachi. Now that's a hard life struggle. Luckily, he's had his fair share of success since, which is currently topped off with his self-titled show, being the wrench in Santa's side, and now the upcoming The Spiderwick Chronicles as Thimbletack/Bogart.

And because it's the holiday season, here's some festive dancing for you: