Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was a good one. Why not grab yourself a turkey sandwich (might I suggest Italian bread with stuffing and perhaps a little mayo) and join me as we explore wildlife (in every sense of the word) in modern cinema.

A giant monster rampaging through New York? Life doesn't get much wilder than that. While this full length trailer has more footage than we saw with the teaser that premiered last Summer with Transformers, we still don't get to see the monster that decapitates the statue of liberty. J.J. Abrams is obviously playing it close to the vest, and I doubt there will be an official look at the monster until the movie hits theaters on January 18. After all the buildup, though, how can anything live up to the hype? Anyway, the Quicktime version is up on the Apple website, and it's presumably much nicer looking than the bootlegged Youtube version Erik was warning people away from a few days ago.

Strange Wilderness

A badly produced TV wildlife show ("sharks can only be found in two places on earth: the Northern and Southern Hemispheres") is on the verge of cancellation, so its hosts go looking for the legendary Sasquatch to boost ratings. With a cast that includes Steve Zahn, Justin Long, and Superbad's Jonah Hill, this has the potential to be really funny, and that bit in the trailer with the laughing shark just kills me. The movie even has Ernest Borgnine who, based on the number of upcoming films IMDB lists for him, doesn't let the fact that he's 90 slow him down much.