We see guns and violence everywhere. It's on the television, on the big screen, in the papers, in the books. It's always referenced in discussions about sex -- a nipple here, or a butt-cheek there, sexiness almost always gets leashed while violence frolics with its comfy reign. But every once in a while, someone steps in to do something about it. Usually, it's due to the sensitivity of a recent violent act. (Columbine stopped lots of projects, September 11 kept movie ideas at bay for a while, and so on, and so forth.) This is no exception. Variety has reported that posters for Shoot 'Em Up are now under fire themselves.

The ads have been banned by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority, due to rising gun crime in the country. The ads in question -- the first shows Paul Giamatti chatting on a cell phone while pointing a gun, and is teamed with the text: "just another family man making a living." Nice. The second has Clive Owen leaping through the air with guns in his hands as Giamatti holds a sniper rifle. (I presume it's the one to the right.) It seems that the ASA got 55 complaints from the public that "the ads glamorized and glorified gun crime." Well, that's obvious. "Many complainants believed that the posters were offensive and insensitive toward families directly affected by gun crime, in particular the family of Rhys Jones, the 11-year-old who was killed in a shooting incident in Liverpool in August."

Now, I just wonder what they think of that racy clip that made its way online earlier this year...
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