By now we all expected an announcement to hit the trades letting us all know who, in fact, would be starring in the live-action Justice League of America movie. Said announcement had been rumored for over a week now, and plenty of websites claimed to have inside information confirming that as a fact (in addition to the actors and actresses up for roles). Well, it's Friday -- an announcement was supposed to come on Wednesday -- and we haven't heard a peep. According to Moviehole, those folks in the cast were told they'd be informed of their co-stars on Wednesday, but that never happened. Yup, it appears they don't know who's in the film either. So where's the cast? Are they waiting until after the Thanksgiving break to make a formal announcement? Has the strike postponed production? Did Santa finally receive my letter: "Dear Fat Man, for Christmas I'd like this whole Justice League film to disappear."

Well, interestingly enough, Moviehole tells us that director George Miller couldn't show up to accept his 'legend' award at the IF Awards in Queensland recently because he was "working on a new film." When they cut to his pre-made special thanks video, MH claims he was sitting "in a creamy white set -- and it definitely looked like a set -- somewhere that wasn't in Queensland. Was it the Hall of Justice?" They go on to add that the camera did not pan around, so it was hard to figure out exactly where he was. But if he's working on a movie, it has to be Justice League (or Mad Max 4 ... or Happy Feet 2), so hopefully, come Monday, all these questions will have answers.

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