OK, I'm sharing this video clip with you despite the fact that, like most of you, I hate seeing myself on video and I hate the sound of my own voice. But the guys over at Dell Lounge were kind enough to put together a video package from my game-show hosting debut, and it just seems right that I share my humiliation on a massive scale.

The very brief and uneventful history of Fantastic Feud: About nine days before Fantastic Fest '07 began, I asked Alamo Drafthouse Lord Tim League if I could help out in some small way. "Perhaps I could host a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament ... or some sort of horror trivia game show," is pretty much what I said. Tim loved the second idea, so I started coming up with a bunch of trivia questions. The topics ranged from "non-zombie Romero" to "old old school," but the big finale was a "name the director" marathon that I tossed together at the last minute. (I was also very worried that I didn't write enough questions, but turns out I had way more than enough.)

Anyway, the event turned out to be a massive success, thanks mainly to the beers that kept arriving every 12 minutes. Plus we closed the evening with a drunken karaoke session that must surely rank among history's most absurd evenings. My thanks to all who helped out, participated, and stopped by to enjoy the insanity. For the rest of you, we offer this degrading video spectacle that I hope to god my mom never sees.

P.S. The game-show host costume was Tim's idea. It will not be returning for Fantastic Feud II.

Fantastic Feud from erikhorn on Vimeo
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