As if you weren't confused already by the number of sites promoting this summer's The Dark Knight in some way, shape or form, a bunch more have been added to the list -- bringing the total number of Dark Knight viral sites up to 7,968. Actually, there's only about 10; but if you dig this kind of marketing, I'm sure you'd gladly welcome several more. The Gotham Times website launched yesterday with a four-page spread full of articles about the goings-on around Gotham City. Located on the left side of the first page is a tear which can be pulled back to reveal the link to The Ha Ha Ha Times -- a version of The Gotham Times that's been tainted by the joker.

Additionally, the articles within The Gotham Times itself contain other websites: We Are The Answer sends people to a site that deals with reporting crooked cops; Gotham National Bank takes you to the landing page for the Gotham National Bank; Gotham Police is a site where you can apply to become a cop in Gotham; Gotham City Rail takes you to a page for the city's mass transit system; and Remembering Gina is a memorial site for a woman who was slain due to gang violence. Finally, and this was fun to play, there's the Joker's Personality Profile; a 14-question quiz that tests how jokingly insane you are. I made it up to laugh riot, but there were still four more levels above that. I'm sure each of these sites will tie into the movie somehow; we already know the bank plays a crucial part, but who is this Gina chick? Either way, I find it fun to immerse yourself if this fictional world prior to seeing the film. Kudos to Warner Bros. for having a blast with this.

[via First Showing and SHH]

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