There's all sorts of fetishes out there. There's anthropomorphic fetishes like ASFR (, where the gleam of metal or the flash of programmed desire is all sorts of appealing and drool-inducing. Then there's appendage desires for sexy things like feet, the love of certain clothing (leather or diapers), or even something as basic as the desire for redheads, muscles, or other obvious features. Now some sort of fetish is making its way on film with an international indie production called, simply, Fetish.

Variety has reported that actress Song Hye-gyo (who just played the lead role in Legendary Courtesan Hwang Jin Yi) has signed on to star in the film, which is a New York-produced thriller helmed by Korean director Sohn Soopum (who wrote and directed the short film Fish in the Sea Is Not Thirsty). They're not saying too much about the project, other than that the movie will center on a "woman with psychic abilities." How descriptive. I'm waiting for the day these new films start getting described as "movies with sort of conflict." Maybe it is, plainly, a fetish for phychics? Anyway, I'm not sure how fetishes fit into all of this, but she's starring alongside Austrian actor Arno Frisch (Your Name is Justine) in the production, and is reportedly on her way to New York now, to jump into the month-long shoot.
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