Ah, Sweden. It's my international home away from home away from home. It's the land of beautiful, ancient architecture. The place of delicious, mouth-watering breakfasts -- cheese, tomato, bread, and a nice, hard-boiled egg. It's got one of the coolest museums -- where you can almost reach out and touch things like sloths, tarantulas, and bats. As for its film, it's the land of Ingmar Bergman. It also, quite nicely, has more strict drunk driving laws, so they don't get 50 million DUI news stories from the stars each week. Now, according to Variety, it looks like its arthouse scene is getting a sweet deal.

The Swedish Film Institute is doubling the money it gives for the acquisition and promotion of arthouse films. It used to be 3.4 million kroner, which was just over half a mil US, and now it's been upped to $1.1 million. Along with the much heftier chunk of change, the SFI have updated their funding rules: "priority will now be given to local pics; digital distribution will be eligible for support; and film festivals deemed to be serving the 'national interest' will be given preferential treatment."

Maybe the WGA-ers should start checking out Sweden. The Institute's CEO says: "The fast development in technology, new patterns of audience behavior and increased market concentration in the theatrical sector have created totally new conditions in Sweden, so we are reviewing all our support systems." So, get ready for a tall, blonde invasion!
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