Thanks to all who entered our Fred Claus contest for a chance to win a trip for four to Finland. As much as we'd like to send you all to Finland (OK, we're just saying that, almost all of you), we could only choose one winner, selected through a careful democratic process (similar to the Electoral College but simpler and logical). Congratulations to our winner below. Say hello to lovely head of state (and Conan O'Brien look-alike) Tarja Halonen for us. And like we told we told our India winner, though you are in no way legally (or morally) obligated, an exotic magnet is always nice. Or maybe even a snow globe.

Fred Claus

Grand Prize Winner:

1. "Vince wished he had heeded Dorothy's warnings. He was quickly learning why nobody screws with the Lollipop Guild." -- Anthony G.

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To make up for our inability to send almost all of you to Finland, we return this week with two amazing prizes to dole out. The first is one copy of the James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set, which includes every single Bond title on DVD. That's like a five-night, six-day trip around the world all in one beautifully packaged box, and without the threat of double-crosses or parasites. See the pic from Die Another Day after the jump.

Also, in honor of their new film No Country for Old Men, we're giving away three copies of the Coen Brothers Movie Collection, which includes Fargo, Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, Blood Simple and Barton Fink. See the pic from Fargo after the jump, and get bonus points if it's funnier when read in a thick Midwestern accent. Feel free to submit a caption for each photo in a single comment. It will help if you specify which caption is for which photo (especially if you choose to only enter one of these contests), though hopefully we'll be able to figure that out. Winners will be announced Friday. Good luck!