Although I never gave it much thought, Bacterium explains why the creatures in the 1958 classic The Blob and its 1988 remake weren't colored green: they would have resembled mucus. That's what the critters in this movie look like, big nasty nose goblins. The trailer for this new release from POP Cinema's Shock-O-Rama label, is misleadingly exciting. Most of the effects sequences are on display in the preview, and while not convincing they are entertaining to watch. The film itself is another matter.

Two guys in haz-mat suits are using their helicopter to chase down a man in a car whose face appears to be melting. The car crashes into an abandoned barn, which is fortunate because had the resulting explosion taken out a building of more recent vintage, the film's modest budget would have been used up in the first ten minutes. It's hoped that the specimen in the green vial the man was carrying was destroyed in the fire, but no one knows for sure.
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