In case that Thanksgiving dinner and subsequent holiday shopping erased your memory, talks between the WGA and AMPTP will resume today at an undisclosed location. While the writers will still picket outside major Hollywood studios, there's hope a media blackout -- coupled with job losses, lack of paychecks, TV shows going into reruns and movies being postponed -- will be enough to get both sides in a "happy place" long enough to iron out a fair deal. If for some reason talks break down once again, then AMPTP could instead move onto negotiations with the DGA (whose contract expires this June) and the writers could be out of work through at least the new year.

This time, however, no one will be talking. They'll be in a room, and will hopefully remain in that room until a deal is reached. The only way I see this working is if this media blackout holds up. If, for some reason, people get pissed and start leaking things to, say, Nikki Finke at DeadlineHollywood (who today claims a deal is already done), then we could expect the name-calling to begin and the strike to continue. When talks last broke down three weeks ago, there was some movement on the new media (compensation for online streaming, etc) front once the WGA took their DVD proposal off the table. It's not known whether they'll start from there, or from the beginning -- either way, a lot of folks are hoping this thing ends soon. What do you think?