If you're making a really, really, really low budget movie and you want to garner some attention, all you need to do is think of a ridiculous title, preferably one that is way too long for a theater marquee. After all, I'm writing here about a feature titled The League of Extraordinary Alcoholics Vs. The Horde of Really Creepy Undead Zombie Flesh Eaters. And I'm really only writing about it because I love that long title. Sure, the zombie half is pretty redundant -- zombies are always creepy, undead and flesh-eating, right? -- but I guess that just makes it that much funnier. Of course, low-budget horror flicks have had a long tradition of long titles detailing exactly what they're about, so this is nothing new. That doesn't mean it isn't cool and interesting, though. And aside from here, the film is getting notice from other sites just for the title -- I heard about it from Fark, which linked to DreadCentral, which got it from JoBlo's Arrow in the Head. That site got it straight from director Jeffrey Ebright, who simply wanted to alert the world about his film. Obviously, it seems to have worked.

The plot basically involves a group of drunken superheroes battling zombies. According to the film's Myspace page, it also features humor, strippers, gore, violence and spandex. This sounds good to me, but then again I'm not a fan of low-budget horror and in all honesty probably won't seek this one out anymore than others. I just like the title, and I hope it never makes it on any 'worst title' lists, even though it likely will. I also find it very interesting that in some cases long titles can be appealing, while at other times it might be hurtful to a film's box office. So, what do you think? Would you see this movie based solely on its title? And have you ever been turned on or off more because of a title than anything else?
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