Here in the states, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday and it's supposed to officially kick off the holiday shopping season. Stores opened at the crack of dawn, while people camped out in front of places like Circuit City in order to save a few bucks on a big-screen TV. Sales were everywhere, the mall was a zoo and I came close to offing myself in front of Gap Kids on at least three separate occasions. It wasn't pretty. Because of the crowds, chaos and corruption, I usually like to do a lot of my shopping online. Thus, I must point you toward Moviefone's annual movie-related holiday gift guide, featuring the most random gifts that would be perfect for the movie lover in your family.

Myself? I already own the leg lamp from A Christmas Story (though it took me awhile to convince the wife to buy it for me), but I'll definitely be asking for the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. Additionally, the Princess Leia dog costume is a must-have (and fitting since my dog is named after the Princess), and how can you resist those Big Lebowski and Office Space bobble heads. Apart from all that, you can also own a Dumbledore Gay Pride t-shirt, movie props, a Marilyn Monroe lava lamp, movie board games, a sweet ass Batman alarm clock and cool James Bond spy gadgets, among other things. Seriously, I think I just found everything I want for Christmas in one sitting. So head on over to Moviefone, check out the gift guide, then let us know what you'll be getting from Santa (or Chanukah Harry) this year.