Hollywood is considered by many to be the epitome of liberalism, but in a lot of ways the ol' Dream Factory is pretty old-fashioned. Within the major studios, it's still hard for women and minorities to get films made, and movies with controversial themes like homosexuality or abortion are rare. You want women, minorities, or hot-button issues, you gotta look to the independent film world.

That's why organizations like the Women In Film Foundation exist: to help people get a foot in the door when otherwise the door would have been slammed shut. WIF's purpose is to "empower, promote, and mentor women in the entertainment and media industries," and part of that mission includes the Film Finishing Fund, an annual program that awards cash to help female filmmakers get their movies made.

Applications for next year's grants will be accepted between Dec. 1 and 8, according to Anne Thompson at Variety. Starting Dec. 1 (that's this Saturday), you'll be able to find an application and guidelines at WIF.org. The general guidelines are that principal photography must have been completed already -- it's a film finishing fund, not a film starting-from-scratch fund -- and that the movies must further the organization's goals of promoting women in the entertainment industry and positively influencing society's views toward women. You don't have to be a member of WIF to submit a film. Any kind of film (narrative, documentary, animation, etc.) is eligible, but student films aren't.

You can see some of the past recipients of Film Finishing Fund support here. There are Oscar winners, Emmy winners, and film festival winners there. The program was launched in 1985 and has given out more than $1.6 million since then.

Oh, and if you're wondering why there isn't a Men In Film Foundation, there is. It's called Hollywood. (OH SNAP!)
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