The CineVegas Film Festival will hold its 10th annual event next June, and the programmers want to help YOU, John and Jane Q. Public, participate in the festivities. Submit your own short travel-related film and you could win a trip to Vegas and $5,000! That's enough to justify going to Las Vegas in June, which is sort of like going to the North Pole in January.

The contest, called "Trip Takes," is co-sponsored by Condé Nast Traveler, the glossy magazine designed to make you wish you were rich so you could go on all the luxurious trips featured in its pages. The basic rules are that the film must be wholly original, less than five minutes long, and "capture the power of travel."

You submit your films at the "Trip Takes" site, and then the CineVegas jury will choose five finalists. Those five will be flown to Vegas during next June's fest, where the jury will pick a top winner, and so will the audience. Jury pick gets $5,000, and the audience pick gets $2,500. Heck, make a film so awesome that both jury and audience love it, and I guess you get both prizes.

Now, I think this is important: Dennis Hopper is on the CineVegas advisory board, and he'll be part of the jury. So all you have to do is make a film that would appeal to Dennis Hopper. Start with crazy, then go a little crazier. You can't go wrong!

The deadline is Feb. 28, so get to work!

[Via Thompson on Hollywood.]