We all thought we'd be waiting a full three days for this pic, but turns out JoBlo somehow snagged a look at the Joker image that's slowly being revealed over on Empire Online. Granted, the pic Empire will show looks to be the Joker without all the colorful (and distracting) text, but it is indeed the same pic featured above. Just pretend all that other stuff isn't there. Additionally, as rumors suggested, this pic will grace the cover of Empire's January '08 issue. Not sure about you, but I think he looks rather psychotic ... though I'd prefer a better look at his face. And is it just me, or does Ledger look a little like Michael Keaton in that pic, if Keaton were to take on the role of Joker? I don't know; there's just something about that winking smirk that reminds me of the old Burton Batman. Nevertheless, The Dark Knight is one of my most anticipated of 2008, and so far it's remained on the right track. July 18. Show up to the theater wearing your greatest smile.

Note: Check out the full image by clicking the one above (courtesy of JoBlo), or head on over to Empire to see what's left of the image they're slowly revealing.

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